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Bambu Sabbia (12x24)

I think it is hard to advocate specifically for a consequence - such a getting someone fired.

I only say this because in our modern society, it seems that more and more we are going somewhat vigilante, which is to say that we are looking to define our own sense of justice and pursue the punishment instead of the crime.

I think that it is right to bring this to light, to bring it to the attention of the school, to the ministry of education and so forth. If these other authorities fail to act, perhaps even to then further bring their inaction to light as well.

But I would still want to keep on the side of bringing it into the light, and not make a rallying cry for someone's job (even if that might be the proper action the school should take). When we make a judgement for punishment ahead of time, I am not sure we are as clearly fighting the good fight.

By all means, let us say that we do not feel this is right. Let there be a voice that is heard.
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Product type:
Field tile

Glazed porcelain



Primary colours:
Beige, Brown, Cream

Additional colours:



300 x 600 x 11 (width x length x thickness)


Prestige rating:

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